Last night I dr…


Last night I dreamt I kept running for a bus, but just missed it. This looped over and over. Then a man at the bustop went to pick up a plank of wood and raised it up as if he were about to hit me. Then everyone started throwing skulls at me. The plank of wood came down and my alarm went off and I woke up. At 6.30 I went down to feed Cuddles. At 6.45 I made coffee.

The End.



Takato Yamamoto

I wish I was articulate enough to express how impossibly wonderful these are. Instead I will have to make do with a stream of nonsensical word vomit that in no way expresses how much I adore them.

They make me feel that weird tummy knotted, longing, tingly, eye brow scrunching, ¬†slack jawed, mesmerized, panicky awe that I can’t possibly put into words despite my efforts.