My nice neat weekly list

Things that have annoyed me this week:

  • Going to the fridge for the last milkybar yogurt and realising it’s out of date and the only other yogurt left was a shitey mullerlight
  • Watching half a carriage full of men not even consider giving up their seat for a heavily pregnant woman
  • Toto the cat coming in and constantly eating Cuddle’s food, entering her personal space and household domain…..this is war Toto
  • People not respecting the Umbrella traffic respect rule……if you think I’m going to remove the coverage of my head for one second so you can walk past me, you have another thing coming
  • Really wanting toast and not having bread
  • Finding fun things to do on the internet but not having the money to do them
  • Wanting a hug but having no-one to hug
  • The general public
  • People telling me how good their CV is
  • People telling me how amazing they are as a general being
  • People listing their achievements to me in bullet point order but in person, where they just sound like a twat, even more so than they did before
  • People thinking I’m actually interested in their life
  • People talking in an exhibition
  • People talking
  • People





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