Ain’t no party like a Bauhaus party…

Bauhaus: Art as Life

This is the first major retrospective of Bauhaus since the 60s and it is a pretty spectacular collection of delights. The main concept of Bauhaus was to bring together art, design, functionality and creative playfulness and make it as one – to rid the silly hierarchies between art and craft, skill and play and instead embrace them all. They also had the most amazing parties, creating elaborate costumes (of which some are on display at the exhibition) and also embraced set designs and theatricality. Quite simply, I am now of the opinion that the Bauhaus would have been the best art school to have attended in the 20th century, with the only exception maybe being the RA when Hockney was there. You learnt a plethora of different skills and crafts and channeled them into spectacles of creation through playful investigation. Masters hung out with pupils, unlike art schools today where tutors barely even acknowledge you, apart from the occasional 5 minute tutorial every 3 months. It was all a bit special.

Bringing together drawings, furniture, sculpture, film, pottery, textiles, ceramics, collage, photography, costume…..this exhibition is quite simply, amazing. And I’m saying that even after three months of standing in it day after day.